Weather experts say 'blood rain' could hit the UK this week

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Photo credit: Dmytro Betsenko - Getty Images
Photo credit: Dmytro Betsenko - Getty Images

Hello and welcome to your daily dose of 'eh?' news: weather experts at the Met Office are predicting that parts of the UK could be hit by 'blood rain' later this week. And nope, don't worry, we'd never heard of it either...

So, what exactly is blood rain then? Luckily it's not as 'seven plagues of Egypt' as it sounds, but instead is actually the result of rain that has mixed with dark orange dust clouds carried over from the Sahara desert. It tinges the water a 'bloody' sort of colour and looks a little different to your average clear rain shower, apparently.

According to the Met Office [as reported by The Times], the same phenomena last occurred in March, where eagle-eyed members of the public noticed the skies had turned orange too.

"Each year on several occasions the UK will see rain falling with some amount of dust mixed into it," the Met Office weather gurus have said. "This usually comes from the Sahara before mixing in clouds and falling out."

Photo credit: Anton Petrus - Getty Images
Photo credit: Anton Petrus - Getty Images

Meteorologist Richard Miles said: "There are some dust concentrations in the atmosphere above the UK at present which might well be washed out in the rain [that happened in many regions on Wednesday night], but it's likely to be relatively small amounts on the whole."

It's said that the blood rain could result in cars and windows being coated in a thin layer of dust, once the water has evaporated.

The band of rain is set to move across Northern Ireland and west Scotland before the rest of the UK sees showers on Friday.

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