Wearing headphones more than ever in quarantine?

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We're on what feels like day 1,000 of quarantine, and we've started to notice more and more subtle changes in our own behavior nearly every day. One of those changes is that we've been rocking headphones around the house for what feels like all the time. Whether we're plugging in for conference calls, winding down with some podcasts, or trying to drown out the inevitable child-based chaos just outside of our home offices, headphones have become a much bigger part of our lives. If you feel like yours haven't quite been up to snuff, then we've got a few options you could check out if you're looking to upgrade.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 - $299.95 ($100 off at Bose.com)

Bose is one of the most recognizable brands in the audio space. They've been around for decades and continue to innovate with unique, interesting products. This one isn't so unique, but it's definitely interesting, and very pretty. These noise-cancelling, wireless headphones feature "an adaptive mic system for superior voice pickup" as well, which means they're not just for listening, they'll be great on conference calls too. You know that one person on the team who always has hilariously bad sound quality on calls? If you don't, then I have bad news, it's probably you. Your ears and your coworkers will thank you for the upgrade.

On top of all that, the headphones also seamlessly sync up with the Bose Soundbar 500 or 700 using its SimpleSync technology, and even make use of an exciting new technology called Bose AR, which is one of the first ever audio-focused implementations of Augmented Reality. If all of that sounds cool to you, you can learn more and pick up a pair right on Bose.com. Even better yet, at the time of this post, they're selling for a cool $100 off the original price.

Bose SoundSport wireless headphones - $99.95 ($50 off at Bose.com)

If you don't need anything quite so robust, and if you need your headphones to double as exercise accessories, these Bose Soundsports might be a good option for you. This option is kind of weird because it's wireless, in a sense, but clearly you can see the wire connecting the two earbuds together. What wireless means in this case is that it connects to your device via bluetooth or NFC, so you don't actually need to be wired to the device providing your tunes.

These headphones are also sweat and weather resistant, which is essential if you're a big outdoor jogger. And like almost all headphones these days, they include a mic as well. The best part, though, is they're also significantly more affordable than the Bose 700 pair above, and they're currently on sale to bring the total price down to just $99.95. Check them out here.

JBL TUNE 600BTNC - $99.95 at JBL.com

Let's say you're not a big jogger and you know you want over-ear headphones to get the better sound, but you don't want to pay Bose prices. Enter: JBL. These JBL Tune 600BTNCs might be exactly what you're looking for. They're wireless, they're over-ear headphones, they have a built-in mic, and yes, these have noise canceling technology too. They also have a pretty great 12-hour battery life. For just $99.95, these are definitely worth a look

JBL TUNE 120TWS - $69.95 ($30 off at JBL.com)

These JBL Tune 120TWS' are the first truly wireless earbud options on our list. You'll notice these look a lot like the uber popular Apple Airpods, but they're smaller, sleeker, and cheaper. The earbuds still provide the signature "JBL Pure Bass Sound," while providing all of the convenience of being able to store in your pocket. If you've never tried wireless earbuds like these before, you're definitely missing out. The convenience of these makes it super easy to quickly pop in an earbud or two at a seconds notice either for an unexpected call, to avoid a stranger walking toward you, or even something as mundane as a quick walk to your car. The convenience factor with this style of headphone is truly off the charts. Interested? This pair is 30% off right now. You can check it out for yourself right here.

Apple AirPods Pro with Wireless Charging Case - $249.00 at Bhphotovideo.com


And finally, if you just have to have Apple Airpods, you can get them here, but our Erik Maier had trouble with his and suggests you consider getting the Apple Care with them. 

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