Waze now helps you navigate roundabouts, alerts you about speed limit changes and more

Waze is adding a few new features that will help users navigate tricky roundabouts, get alerts when a speed limit is about to change and get warnings about speed bumps and sharp curves. The Google-owned company is also making it easier for users to find parking information, see changes to their favorite routes and be alerted when an emergency vehicle is stopped along their route.

With the help of Waze community members, drivers will now clearly see when to enter a roundabout, which lane to choose and where to exit so they don't miss their turn. The feature will be especially useful when you're not used to roundabouts or are in a new place. The new feature is rolling out globally to Android users this month and iOS users later this year.

Image Credits: Waze

Users will start to see alerts when a speed limit is about to change along their route, giving them more time to adjust their speed. While the new feature could help you avoid a speeding ticket, it's also a good way to help ensure you're obeying traffic laws in case you didn't notice the actual speed limit sign. This update is rolling out globally to all Android and iOS users this month.

Waze can already alert you about hazards like potholes, railroad crossings and bad weather, but will now also warn you about sharp curves, speed bumps and toll booths. The company says the update will help you navigate a new area like a local. These alerts are rolling out globally to all Android and iOS users this month.

The app will start showing you helpful information about parking garages and whether a specific one is covered, wheelchair accessible and if there are EV charging stations available thanks to a new partnership with Flash. Users will be able to reserve their parking spot right from the Waze app. The update is rolling out in the coming weeks on Android and iOS for more than 30,000 parking garages across the U.S. and Canada.

Image Credits: Waze

Waze notes that many people prefer taking their favorite route to work or school, even if it's not the fastest option. Starting this month, the app will start giving you information about your favorite routes, including live traffic updates and delays. This way, you will be able to see how your favorite route compares to different ones and then choose the one you think is best. The update rolls out this month globally on Android and iOS.

In order to keep first responders safe, Waze will start showing you when an ambulance or firetruck is stopped along your route. The update is possible through information from the Waze for City partners program and is available now to drivers in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and France on Android and iOS, with more countries coming soon.