Waterspout Swirls Over River in Eastern Virginia

A waterspout formed over a river in eastern Virginia on July 4.

Bonnie Hunt recorded this video and originally posted it to Facebook. In the caption she wrote that the waterspout ended at her house.

“It was coming up the Corrotoman River, in Lancaster County, Virginia,” she said. “It hit our house and was gone. No property damage.”

The video shows the waterspout swirling above the water and up into the dark clouds overhead. Credit: Bonnie Hunt via Storyful

Video Transcript

- Can we get it.

- Yeah, look, you got it.

- But you can't see the water on it. You can't see the water coming on the-- I don't know. You can't really see the water. That's cool. I'm talking over it, and I don't care.

I have never seen one of those. It sounds loud. Listen to it, y'all.

- Huh?

- Listen to it. Look at the water coming down. You can see the water coming down it.

- Mm-hm.

- Oh, my god. That is so bizarre. You can see the water coming down it, y'all.

- I know!

- Film the tide.

- They can't see it because nobody's there.

- That is wild.

- What happens if that boat goes into it?

- I don't know, but that is bizarre.

- It''s coming down. Oh, no, it's not.

- Look at this boat coming towards it. They stopped. The boat stopped like, holy manoly, what is that?

I can't believe you can see the water coming down it. That is the weirdest thing. Oh, look at the top now. Look at the design it's made at the very top.

Y'all need help? Look how cool that is. Did you show Vivian it?

- Mm-hm. Show the top.

- Look at the top. Oh, my god.

Have y'all ever seen anything like this?

- Never.

- Never.

- That is bizarre.

- Yeah, I've seen waterspouts, but look at the--


- Look at that boat.

- Susan, have you ever seen them?

- I haven't, no.

- No?

- That boat's going towards it.

- Let's see who finds it.


- Look at the top, y'all. You can see the water coming down it.

- That's not water comes down it. That's not how it works. It's wind.

- It's wind?

- Yeah.

- Hey, why does that happen?

- I used to know. I don't know anymore.

- Y'all, that is so cool, on your birthday, Harrison. Your own--

- Who's winning the hotdog contest?

- Who cares? Your own waterspout on your birthday. I wish I could call Will and Tara to look in the thing.

- You can hang up.

- No, I want a video it. It's too cool.

- Well, we're all videoing it.

- Call Will and Tara.

- Look at that.

- Jacob, call Will.

- You call him. You have your phone.

- Look at it. Oh, my god.

- Oh, Tara's over here.

- Oh, Tara is?

- Look at that.

- It's coming right toward us.

- He needs to pick up Piper.

- Y'all need to come up here.

- Piper's going to get blown away. Oh, he got soaked.

- Oh! Look at it just pick up right there.

- Woo-hoo!




- We were over at the bathrooms, coming down from the clubhouse. And I thought it was the rain, like, doing the acrobatics. And Terry called, and he said, I think you have a huge waterspout coming to your dock.

- It came right towards us.

- That's bizarre. I have it all on video.

- Oh, do you?

- Yeah.

- That was crazy.

- That was crazy.

- How many people can say they've been hit by a waterspout?


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