Video of son combing his mother's hair is the sweetest thing you'll see all day

Ralph Udeaja really knows how to make his mom feel special. (Photo: Instagram/Ralph Montana)

A man has gotten his 15 minutes this month in the sweetest, most unexpected way: by combing out his mother’s hair. The son, Ralph Udeaja, 27, shared a video of the touching act on Instagram on Nov. 17, quickly racking up more than 67,000 views. And it is absolutely one of the most precious moments on social media right now.

In the short clip, Udeaja is seen using a wide-tooth comb to unravel his mother’s braids as they both sing and sway along to Chris Brown’s latest song, “Pills & Automobiles.” The caption of the video reads: “My mom has officially turned me into her hair stylist. from almost near death to seeing her recover everyday … I love this woman to death #cherishyourmom #mom #beautiful #love.” Viewers have left a slew of endearing comments, such as “This is too precious” and “This is so sweet to see.”

It doesn’t even represent the first time Udeaja made his mom feel special. Nearly a month earlier, the devoted son, currently unemployed to care for his mother, posted another video in which he is gently brushing her hair. “Had to give my mom that Ralph spa treatment … still can’t believe she’s back home. God is so good!” he noted in that caption.

Udeaja tells Yahoo Lifestyle that his mother, Gloria Ofoha, 56, suffers from depression and bipolar disorder and that the disorders have recently had her hospitalized — and that after she was discharged and before he arrived to pick her up she had wandered away from the facility and gotten lost. He used social media successfully that time too, posting about her being missing in a post that was shared more than 500 times and which led to the mother and son being reunited, and to the popularity of the latest video.

“When I found her I could tell she had been homeless since she left the hospital. She hadn’t taken a bath and her  hair was very rough and tangled,” Udeaja says. “I had to bathe her because she was too weak to bathe herself, and then I had to make sure that I washed her  hair well. The video I posted was to let everyone know that I have found her, and that she was in good hands now. I didn’t realize that it would get so much attention — everybody seemed to love it.”

Udeaja was moved by how touched people were with the hair-combing video. “I was surprised and happy that there were people in this world that were worried and concerned,” he says. “I am also happy that she’s in good hands and that she’s getting better. I’m able to take care of her, and I even had a lot of people message me and thank me for inspiring them to want to take care of their old ones and showing something positive on social media.”

The son says he is forever devoted to his mother. “There needs to be constant love and appreciation to get her out of her depressive state,” he says. “She is always very happy when I show her love and I show her that I care about her.”

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