How to Watch ‘Werewolf By Night': Is the Marvel Movie in Theaters or Streaming?

Can’t wait to watch Marvel’s monster movie “Werewolf by Night”? The black-and-white horror special stars Gael Garcia Bernal as Jack Russell, a mysterious monster-hunting superhero.

Oscar- and Emmy-winning composer Michael Giacchino makes his full-length directorial debut with the film, for which he also wrote the music. Heather Quinn and Peter Cameron wrote the movie, which is based on the Marvel character of the same name.

“We’re introducing a world that will ultimately become quite important to the future of the MCU,” Marvel President Kevin Feige said in the mini-movie’s featurette, “Monstrous New Side,” which is also, streaming on Disney+.

Here’s what you need to know about the new Marvel movie, which is part of Phase Four of the MCU:

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Is “Werewolf by Night” Streaming or in Theaters?

The Halloween special debuted exclusively on Disney+ on Oct. 7 and is only available for streaming. It is not playing in theaters, so the only way to see it is with a Disney+ subscription.

Who Is in the “Werewolf by Night” Cast?

Besides Bernal as lead character Jack Russell, it co-stars, Laura Donnelly as Elsa Bloodstone, the estranged daughter of legendary hunter Ulysses Bloodstone (Richard Dixon), and Harriet Sansom Harris as Ulysses’ widow, Verusa. Carey Jones of “The Book of Boba Fett” plays Ted (aka Man-Thing). Rick Wasserman, who voiced Thor in the animated series “The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes,” is the narrator.

What Is “Werewolf by Night” About?

The film begins on a stormy night as monster hunters, including Jack Russell (Bernal), gather to compete for the honor of wielding a powerful relic belonging to the recently deceased Ulysses Bloodstone (Richard Dixon), an infamous hunter of dangerous monsters.

Is “Werewolf by Night” a Movie or a TV Show?

Officially dubbed a “Marvel Special Presentation,” this “mini-movie” is only 53 minutes long and is basically just a short Marvel movie.

Watch the Trailer

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