Watch Uruguayan children lose their minds after Jose Gimenez's game-winner at the World Cup

Jack Baer
Yahoo Sports Contributor

We all remember the defining sports moments of our childhoods. A ton of Uruguayan children might have just found their own.

Jose Gimenez scored the game-winner with a header in Uruguay’s first game of the World Cup with a beautiful header over Egypt’s back-line to top the Egyptians (sans Mohamed Salah), a thrilling moment in the final minutes of what had been a scoreless game.

If you want the best reaction to Gimenez’s goal, look no further than this video of a class of Uruguayan children in Montevideo from Caño Football. The kids, clearly enthralled by the tension and chanting “Uruguay,” simply go berserk after Gimenez’s ball hit the net.

It wasn’t the prettiest performance from Uruguay, but La Celeste are now in a strong position to top Group A with their win over Egypt. Next on tap for the team is a match against Saudi Arabia, who’s just happy to be here, then a showdown with Russia in a match that will likely decide who wins the group.

Expect those kids to be watching the whole way through.

Uruguayans back home were cheering back home as Jose Gimenez notched the game-winner. (AP Photo)

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