Watch the First 3 Minutes of 'Rings': Uh-Oh, Who Gave Samara a Boarding Pass?

Nick Schager

It’s been 12 years since ghoulish young demon Samara last stalked movie theaters in 2005’s The Ring Two, and technology has changed a lot since she last terrorized viewers of her home movie. While her return in Rings, directed by F. Javier Gutiérrez, again hinges on the idea that anyone who watches Samara’s video is marked for death, she’s finally upgraded from VHS to digital delivery, just like everyone else. Watch the first three minutes of the film above — we think you’ll be safe — to see how she’s now able to get screams from streams to airplane seatbacks.

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Via Nerdist, the movie’s intro sequence brings us aboard a flight suffering from some mild turbulence. More chilling than the flight’s bumps, however, is the story that a guy chitchatting with his seatmate tells about having watched the Samara video, which was immediately followed by a phone call informing him that, seven days later, he was going to meet his maker. And when was that? Oh, that was one week ago. And wouldn’t you know, no sooner has he recounted his spooky story than he’s hit with a nosebleed. Before too much longer, some truly unholy mess is pouring out of the lavatory, everything’s shaking, and guess who comes crawling out from a cockpit screen…

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That’s not the only scene floating around online to tease Rings; an earlier clip (watch it below) finds Johnny Galecki doing the one thing he definitely shouldn’t — heeding a VHS tape labeled “Watch Me,” proving that this “dead” technology still works perfectly well for Samara.

Straddling the line between its analog past and the HD present, Rings will try to squeeze some more scares out of its central conceit when it creeps into theaters this Friday.

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