What to Watch Sunday: CNN documentary explores terrifying Chowchilla mass abduction in CA

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Here’s what’s on TV tonight.


This is one of the most infamous and fascinating true crime cases in US history.

The new CNN documentary examines the terrifying kidnapping of 26 children and a school bus driver in Chowchilla, California, on July 15, 1976. The children and the bus driver, held captive by three masked men, were transferred to soundproofed vans then buried alive in underground chambers. The group managed to escape, thanks to the leadership of one kid in particular, but their struggle didn’t end there.

The documentary, directed by Paul Solet has exclusive interviews with survivors, with Solet’s goal being to give those who endured the event a platform to “tell their own stories in their own voices.” Solet goes beyond the events of the kidnapping to explore the struggle of those children to heal emotionally from the extreme trauma of that day.

How to stream: This will stream live for pay TV subscribers via, CNN OTT and mobile apps the same day. It will be available on demand beginning Monday, Dec. 4, to pay TV subscribers via and CNN apps.

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