Watch: Stunt driver breaks world record on two wheels in Italy

Oct. 3 (UPI) -- An Italian stunt driver took a truck cab onto two wheels and cruised through a 12-foot, 5-inch gap to break a world record.

Marco Davide Giony, 43, got the heavy goods vehicle cab onto its left side wheels using a ramp and then took the vehicle through the narrow gap without touching the side barriers.

Guinness World Records rules also required Giony to drive at least 32.8 feet and come to a stop without the vehicle toppling over.

He achieved the feat on his third attempt on the set of GWR's Italian TV series, Lo Show dei Record.

"The truck's cabin was moving too much and I had a lot of 'play,' so it was hard," Giony said.

Giony said his third attempt was successful because he kept his concentration and was steady on the gas pedal, as any acceleration would cause the cabin to start "going like a ballerino."