WATCH: Shark Catches onto Bait Capsizing Boat, Dragging Fisherman Overboard

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In terrifying footage doing rounds on the internet, a fisherman was dragged into the sea by a powerful shark who also capsized his boat off the Irish Coast. Graham Smith, 43, a fisherman from Moville, County Donegal, had caught a porbeagle shark off Donegal in Ireland but soon things took a turn for the worst when suddenly, he was plunged into the water with his kayak overturned. He had been engaged in a battle with the predator for almost 20 minutes. The footage shows the confrontation, the shark can be spotted pursuing the bait with its teeth showing. Graham can be seen desperately yanking the fishing rod for control as the shark drags the line behind him and over his shoulder. Then, the shark drags the rod into the side of the boat and tilts the kayak until it capsizes.

Talking to LADbible, Graham shared that he fishes multiple times a year off in Donegal in Ireland. Calling the porbeagles a ‘clever shark’ and ‘notoriously difficult’,he said he had been fighting him off for about 15 to 20 minutes but towards “the end of the fight, the shark took him out.”

Graham had to call for help from people on a nearby boat, “Can you give me a quick tow out of this rough stuff? Then I can get the shark up and let him go.”As he was plunged into the water, people helped him get back on the boat which towed him. He reckons losing more than £400 worth of equipment during the encounter as an unsecured kit box spilt its content into the ocean which included a GoFish camera, a Huawei P30 mobile phone and a GoPro among the items that were destroyed or lost. Most of the electronics were all ‘tied on or waterproof.’

Such an incident has only happened twice in his almost 14 years of fishing but adds that he would have had ‘him up and let him go’ if he had another 15 minutes.

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