Watch: Scooter rider's boat-towing strategy goes viral

Nov. 9 (UPI) -- An Australian teenager is being praised for his ingenuity after a viral video showed him using an electric scooter and a belt to tow his small boat down a sidewalk.

The video, recorded by a bystander, shows the youngster using an electric scooter to tow the aluminum boat down a sidewalk in Deception Bay, Queensland.

The boat's small trailer was attached to the teenager via a belt wrapped around his body.

The 14-year-old scooter rider later explained he had been taking the boat from his Rothwell home to the Deception Bay Mud Flats.

He said the scooter still had half of its battery power left after the round trip.

"When it goes uphill, it has some problems, but downhill and flat, it pulls it fine," he told 7News.

The Queensland does not have any specific rules about what can be used to tow a vehicle, but guidance on the government's website recommends a "suitable vehicle" be used.