Watch the Porsche Taycan Turbo GT's Full Record Nürburgring Run

porsche taycan gt
Watch the Porsche Taycan Turbo GT Nürburgring RunPorsche

Porsche unveiled the 1100-peak-hp Taycan Turbo GT on Monday, but the brand announced its Nürburgring Nordschleife record all the way back on January 2. That initial announcement came with just a highlight video of the car testing on Germany's most famous race track. Today, Porsche has finally shared a full onboard video demonstrating the Taycan Turbo GT's records for both a series production EV and a four-door of any sort.

Development driver Lars Kern makes heavy use of the car's Attack Mode feature on corner exits, bringing the car closer to its peak hp output in temporary bursts where necessary. GPS data indicates that Kern reached a top speed of 305 KMH early on the track's longest straight and maintained it despite seemingly being denied that boost by the feature's cool-down time, suggesting that the car is capable of its listed top track speed with the Weissach pack of 190 MPH without the additional boost.

'Ring times are, of course, not always representative of what a car can do on a more typical race track. The circuit is long, winding, fast, and rewards driver experience with the layout far more than the average track. This is why Porsche also set a matching record at Laguna Seca, one that is three seconds faster than the in-race lap record at that track by a GT4 race car and just two seconds off Czinger's track record in a 3D-printed hypercar.

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