Watch Penn Badgley and Kevin Bacon Join Forces for Taylor Swift TikTok Challenge

imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-S0WcrSXeQVw - Credit: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images and Noam Galai/Getty Images
imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-S0WcrSXeQVw - Credit: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images and Noam Galai/Getty Images

TikTok has been filled with fans romantically spinning their pets to Taylor Swift’s “August” in recent weeks. Now, Penn Badgley and Kevin Bacon have gotten in on the action, sharing their own version of the “August” TikTok trend.

In the clip, posted by Badgley, the You actor runs through a hallway where he finds Bacon and the pair dramatically twirl around (the face Bacon makes is A+ acting material). The TikTok was likely recorded at the same time Bacon appeared on Badgley’s podcast Podcrushed in an episode that debuted earlier this week.

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This is actually Bacon’s second time taking on the “August” TikTok challenge. Last week the actor made a video with his pet goats (who frequently star on Bacon’s social media), comedically spinning a toy version in a circle in the barnyard while the real goats looked on. “No actual goats were harmed in making this video,” Bacon noted in the caption.

Badgley is professed fan of Swift and even used one of her songs in his first-ever TikTok. The actor joined TikTok dressed as his You character Joe, lip-syncing the lyrics from Swift’s single “Anti-Hero”: “It’s Me.”/ “Hi.”/ “I’m the problem, it’s me.” The video prompted Swift herself to comment, “OMG!!!!🤩”

“I thought for years, ‘I’ll get a TikTok when the time is right,’” Badgley told Rolling Stone in February. “And then when Taylor’s record came out, it just seemed the song wouldn’t have worked with anybody else. Me. Joe. Anti-Hero. Taylor Swift? It just was the perfect moment.”

Earlier this month, Bacon appeared on SiriusXM’s Pop Culture Spotlight with Jessica Shaw to promote his new Six Degrees with Kevin Bacon podcast and told the host Swift is his dream collaboration. “I really do admire her,” he confirmed. “I think she’s a great songwriter, and I think what she’s done with her messaging and the messages she gives to young women, it’s awesome.”

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