Watch Olivia Rodrigo Spoof Nicole Kidman’s AMC Commercial for GUTS Tour

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If you've ever wondered what Olivia Rodrigo does backstage before a GUTS Tour show, your answer has arrived in the magical, special shape of a Nicole Kidman AMC Theaters spoof.

Even if you're not an avid moviegoer, you've probably seen Nicole Kidman's AMC commercial — the ad spot, which appears after the promotional trailers and right before the start of the film as an intro, debuted in 2021 and immediately went viral on social media, with folks saluting the screen in theaters and reciting Kidman's script word for word in unexpected places, like their local bar or Coachella.

In the “Obsessed” singer's tour TikTok on Tuesday, March 26, she put her own cheeky take on the now-iconic speech, using Montreal's Bell Centre arena as her “theater.”

“We come to this place for magic,” Rodrigo lip-syncs, wearing a tank top emblazoned with the very same words. (She's been wearing custom tank tops for many of her shows, often with a cheeky reference to where she's playing, like “You Betcha” for her Minnesota stop.) As her team sets up the stage behind her, Rodrigo eats an oversized bag of popcorn, gazes up at the stadium seating, and leans right into the dramatic tone of the beloved monologue and Kidman's Australian accent.

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Whereas Kidman wears a pinstriped suit in the original commercial, Rodrigo wears her onstage attire of tank top, sparkly mini shorts, sequined ripped tights, and chunky boots. Somehow, heartbreak feels good in a place like this… and by this, we mean the Guts World Tour. “ily montreal 💟,” Rodrigo captioned her video.

Kidman herself gave Rodrigo's version an A+, sharing that it won her some big “points” with her teenage daughters Sunday and Faith. "You just won me some major points with my girls!" the Oscar-winning actor wrote on her Instagram Story on Wednesday. "Adore you @oliviarodrigo xx." The actor has been very in on the joke regarding the ad, and it's been so successful that AMC Theaters announced they will soon be making more intros starring Kidman for us to memorize and parody.

Rodrigo's AMC spoof might honestly top her hilarious “Olivia Rodriguez” Crumbl try video, her other recent viral tour TikTok, which currently has 46.8 million views at the time of writing. Some have Saturday Night Live, others have Rodrigo's weekly tour TikToks.

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