Watch 'mastermind' deer lead police on chase through Sam's Club in Southern California

One deer got a little more than he bargained for when he tried to make a quick grocery run through a Sam's Club in Southern California.

The Corona Police Department posted a video of the mishap on Instagram, sharing surveillence footage of the hoofed intruder's antics. According to the post, police got a call Thursday reporting a "runaway deer" running amok in south Corona.

The deer, identified as being a young buck, first tore through a neighborhood, jumping a fence and even taking a dip in a neighbor's pool before ending up at the Sam's Club.

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A criminal 'mastermind' gets cornered in Sam's Club

Deer caught on video running through Sam's Club.
Deer caught on video running through Sam's Club.

In the video, the seemingly frazzled deer can be seen entering the store through the automatic doors, which apparently are not set to differentiate between people and deer before opening up.

The deer, who police jokingly called a "mastermind," can be seen scurrying through the entrance and then making his way down the aisles, at one point walking alongside a woman casually pushing her grocery cart.

A police officer can be seen chasing behind the buck, who manages to make a pretty impressive run for it.

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Captured: Runaway deer on aisle 12

After a few moments of the deer leading the officer on a highspeed foot chase, he finally comes sliding around a corner and to a stop, frazzled.

The officer who gave chase appears to console the deer in the video until local animal control came to pick him up. He was soon after returned to his home in the wild.

Luckily, no injuries were reported and the deer made it home without any pending legal charges.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Watch: California police chase 'mastermind' deer through Sam's Club