Watch Kevin Hart Roast 'Black Iron Man' Don Cheadle in a Clip From 'What Now?' (Exclusive)

Kevin Polowy
·Senior Correspondent, Yahoo Entertainment

You have to wonder how Kevin Hart’s pitch went to Don Cheadle when attempting to recruit the Oscar-nominated actor to appear in Kevin Hart: What Now?, the comic’s new standup special/action movie. “So check it out, Don, you come, play yourself, sit in on a poker game with me, and I just the taunt the HELL out of you the whole time.”

At least that’s what happens in our exclusive clip from What Now? (watch above), which has the Central Intelligence star telling Cheadle, “There’s been a vacancy at Hotel Rwanda, ain’t nobody booking those suites,” and later mockingly imitating him, “My name’s Don Cheadle, and I’m mad because I’m not Iron Man. I’m the black Iron Man, and I’m rusty. I squeak when I go.” (Too soon, Kev: War Machine was in dire straits when we left him at end of Civil War.)

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Who knows — we haven’t seen What Now? yet — maybe Cheadle gets his comeuppance. Maybe he gets up after this scene ends and shows Hart what the five fingers said to the face. Maybe Cheadle puts on his War Machine suit, grabs hold of Hart, darts high above the Grand Canyon, and lets go. Or maybe Don Cheadle is just a glutton for verbal abuse.

Guess we’ll have to see Kevin Hart: What Now? to find out what happens. The film, which also features a cameo from Halle Berry and was directed by Leslie Small and Tim Story, opens everywhere Friday.