Watch Jay Leno Bump Cop Car Twice While Arriving to First Appearance Since Garage Fire (Video)

Jay Leno hit a police car two times with his Tesla before his Southern California comeback gig Sunday, two weeks after he suffered severe burns in a fire accident.

First the 72-year-old comic hit a police Jeep’s front left tire in the process of attempting to park his Tesla at a Hermosa Beach comedy club. The video, posted by Lions Share News, then shows Leno reversing the electric car and hitting the cop car again.

“You can just go, we’ll figure it out later,” the cops told the former “Tonight Show” host once his wife, Mavis Leno, rolled down her passenger window to check in with them.

Following the double hit, Leno couldn’t quite complete a parallel parking job in the ample space ahead of the police jeep, almost reversing into the curb in front of the Comedy Magic Club.

The comedian shifted gear four times to fully execute parking his car. Once he disembarked, he announced himself.

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“The elephant man is here!” he said as reporters asked him what if felt like to return.

During a visit to the L.A. garage where the avid collector stores his vehicles, one of Leno’s cars burst into flames unexpectedly, causing the comedian burns to the left side of his face, serious enough to get him hospital admission.

“I’m not on stage yet, I just got back,” he responded. “We’ll give it a shot. We’ll see what happens.”

Another voice asked if part of Leno was ever nervous about coming out, to which he immediately responded no.

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“Stay away from the flaming hot doritos,” he added.

“Did I rub your tire?” he asked the cops who were standing in front of the car. He bent down to take a look at the damage for himself, determining, “Yeah, no, it’s fine.”

When asked if he was going to use “what happened” aka the burn incident in his routine, Leno said “I hope so.”

“National Inquirer got the story all wrong. They said I was in the hospital because Nancy Pelosi hit me in the head with a hammer. That’s not what happened,” he quipped.

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When asked about his nerves, he answered “We got two shows tonight: regular and extra crispy. I never thought of myself as a roast comic.”

Finally, a paparazzi asked if Leno had inspiration for coming back after his accident.

“I got burned, I was in the hospital for a few days and now I’m out working again,” he said amid laughter. “People do this every day.”

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