Watch as horse and owner walk Colorado path — with curious predators not far behind

A trail camera captured a woman and her horse walking through a property in Colorado — and revealed a couple of curious predators were not far behind them.

They were out for just about an hour, wildlife photographer Fernando Boza, a friend of the woman in the video, said in the Oct. 3 Instagram post. In that short period of time, the video shows a bobcat and a huge black bear walking the “very same path”, though the horse and human wouldn’t have known it.

“A bit scary, but mostly pretty cool!” Boza said on Instagram.

Boza didn’t include details about what his horse-owning friend said about the predators following behind them.

Several people commented about the size of the black bear, especially compared to the much smaller and more slender-looking bobcat.

“That’s one well-fed bear!” one said.

“Nice fat bear, skinny bobcat!” someone else said.

The sight of the predators using the same path in the video inspired one person to share that they only take their house cat — a big Savannah cat that looks a bit like a wild predator itself — out into the wild during busier hours when other people are more likely to be out on the trails.

“I’d rather risk the dog off leash encounter than silent follower during sunrise hike alone… not sure how they’d react to another ‘bobcat’ looking animal,” they said.

Boza concurred, saying he wasn’t sure how the predators might react to the sight of a house cat on a leash, either.

“I don’t know how they would react, but better not to find out,” he said.

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