Watch: Good Samaritans smash windows of car to save unconscious driver's life, video goes viral

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A video has surfaced online wherein people can be seen rescuing an unconscious driver from his truck by breaking open its window.

The rescuers, which also included a pastor, smashed open the truck's window using strollers and sledgehammers and pulled him out of the pickup truck, parked on the Atlanta interstate highway. The driver of the vehicle was unconscious due to a medical emergency.

Watch the video here

Speaking about the incident, Juordin Carter, who recorded the incident on his camera, said the truck was still moving but the head of the driver was slumped over and his eyes were closed. Passersby saw the scene and took action to save the man. One of the Good Samaritans was Pastor Qua Tucker who had just left the church when he saw the man stuck in the car.

A friend of Carter, Jelani Campbell, also helped take the man out of the pickup truck. A woman could also be seen in the video trying to break the rear window.

Commenting on their rescue efforts, Campbell said that he broke the windshield and then entered the truck to open the door of the vehicle. He called the man's wife and informed her about what had happened.

The passersby stayed with the man till the paramedics arrived. Speaking about the incident, pastor Tucker added that it felt good to see people coming together and helping someone.

They were in touch with the wife of the man who kept giving them updates about the health of the truck driver.

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