Watch: Dog interrupts Argentinean soccer match, determined to take corner kick


Forget Neymar. Forget Edinson Cavani. Forget PSG. The best on-field dispute over a free kick in soccer this weekend occurred on Saturday night in Argentina. It featured one San Lorenzo player … and a dog.

A jumpy perro somehow found its way onto the pitch during a match between San Lorenzo and Arsenal while San Lorenzo prepared to take a corner, and even got a few quality touches in!

Seriously, this ball-control is impressive:

Two Arsenal players tried to bargain with the dog, while one picked up the ball and tossed it over to the corner flag. But the pup only had eyes for the ball, and raced over to the corner, where it seemed intent on taking the set piece.

Unfortunately, it lost the argument with San Lorenzo’s Alexis Castro, who tried (and failed) to lift the dog up and remove it from the pitch. Eventually, two men on the sideline realized that the best way to allow the players to get on with the game would be to get a second ball to distract the dog.

But after the match, our canine friend didn’t appear too pleased with the resolution:


Yes, that’s the same dog. Yes, a local TV station jokingly tried to interview it. And yes, it sunk its teeth in to the microphone.

There’s a rich, storied history of animal involvement at soccer matches, and specifically of dog intrusion. Earlier this year, a lower-division English game was delayed for a full seven minutes:

But a destructive post-match interview? Surely that’s a first.

All in all, an eventful evening in Buenos Aires.