Watch: David Leggio returns with another legendary 2-on-0 evasion

David Leggio

David Leggio is a cheater and a thief, and it’s a beautiful sight to behold.

The former Bridgeport Sound Tigers goaltender, who went viral after blatantly pushing the net off its pegs to negate a 2-on-0 breakaway in 2014, brought back the hilariously ingenious move on Saturday.

Leggio is now stopping pucks for Munich EHC in the German DEL, where a rule that he handedly forced the AHL to implement doesn’t currently exist. His move of knocking the net off its pegs at the first sign of a 2-on-0 now results in a game misconduct for any goaltender caught pulling a “Leggio” intentionally in North America, but not (yet) in Germany.

The math is quite simple with the rule as it stands: Intentionally knocking the net off on any type of breakaway results in a penalty shot for the attacking team. Since the goalie’s odds are much greater of stopping a 1-on-0 breakaway than a 2-on-0, it’s an easy decision for the quick-thinking Leggio.

What a legend.

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