Watch This Bronco Blow Out Its 4WD System Attempting to Speed Through a Mud Pit

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Photo credit: Eville Truck - YouTube
Photo credit: Eville Truck - YouTube

We've determined time and time again just how capable the new Ford Bronco can be off-road. But like anything, there's a limit to how much abuse it can take. One owner learned this the hard way.

Eville Truck on YouTube, owner of a lightly modified 2021 4-door Bronco painted in Cyber Orange, decided to try to slam through a deep mud pit during a recent off-roading jaunt with a fellow Bronco. In the video above you can see the driver carry a whole bunch of speed going into the pit and entering at an awkward angle, slamming the truck into the ground and abruptly stopping, briefly lifting the rear into the air.

We hear the first bad drivetrain sound coming from the SUV, as if something in the driveline just snapped, while the truck tries to back up to get unstuck. The driver is still able to get the Bronco through the pit, but not without having to listen to a bunch of very expensive-sounding drivetrain knocks.

Afterward, the owner determines something in the 4WD system must've broken. As soon as it's driven anywhere a terrible knocking sound comes from underneath the truck, and the front wheels don't put down the torque they're supposed to. Pop it into 2WD mode, and it works just fine. Whatever's broken, we're sure it won't be cheap to fix.

Still, we commend this Bronco owner. We'd rather see these trucks get a bit banged up while doing what they were designed to do rather than sit in a garage or a mall parking lot looking spotless.

via Motor1

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