Watch This New BMW 2-Series Seemingly Grenade Its Transmission in Spectacular Fashion

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Photo credit: TikTok / Morcillomotorsports
Photo credit: TikTok / Morcillomotorsports

Work on cars long enough, and you'll know there are some sounds that will cost a lot of money to fix. Whether it's a knocking engine or a broken suspension piece slapping the bottom of your chassis, it's clear your bank account is in for a bad time. This 2-Series munching its transmission to bits is one of those sounds.

Videos published to TikTok by the user MorcilloMotorsports on Thursday show what looks to be a launch control test gone horribly wrong. The first clip, filmed from the passenger seat of a new BMW 2-Series coupe, depicts the driver saying "launch control" before getting the car to make an absolutely gut-wrenching high-pitched metal-on-metal sound. The car seemingly loses drive, and the video ends.

The MorcilloMotorsports page follows up with a video showing what is presumably the inside of the bell housing for the 2-Series' eight-speed ZF automatic. The gearing has been ripped to shreds, with shards of crumpled metal and shaving everywhere, along with a lot of what looks to be very clean transmission fluid.

It's unclear what the driver did to get this transmission to explode, or what sorts of modifications were made to the car, if any. We do know one thing though: This won't be cheap to fix.

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