Watch: Bear invades Florida garage, eats vegan ice cream

Sept. 15 (UPI) -- A hungry black bear invaded a Florida family's garage, got into the freezer and feasted on pizza, burger patties, bread and vegan ice cream.

Konrad Umpenhour, said he realized he had forgotten to close the garage door at the North Naples home at which he lives with his parents, and when he attempted to use a smartphone app to shut the door, he got an error message telling him something was in the way.

Umpenhour went out to the garage and discovered the freezer door was open and food was all over the floor, including a pint of vegan ice cream.

"It's actually coffee-flavored iced cream with boba in it, and it's from Trader Joe's, super good -- apparently really good," Umpenhour told WBBH-TV.

Umpenhour and his parents reviewed security camera footage and found video of the culprit, a bear, crossing a neighbor's driveway and entering their garage.

"The hairs started standing up on the back of my neck. We were just violated by a bear," dad Kurt Umpenhour said.

Chelsea Mapanda. of Sierra Madre, Calif., had a similar situation this week when she arrived home to find a bear had entered her house through a side door and raided the kitchen refrigerator. In Mapanda's case, the bruin made a meal out of some fresh honey and mangoes.