Watch “Amazing Race” teams make bold predictions for season 35

The globetrotters are back with the season premiere of The Amazing Race tonight on CBS. Which is not to say the Globetrotters are back, because while Flight Time and Big Easy are always welcome on our television screens, there are sadly no basketball players on season 35. No, the globetrotters to which we refer are the ones actually trotting around the globe in the hopes of winning a million dollars.

But it won't be easy, because you never know what tricks an eyebrow-arching Phil Keoghan is going to throw their way. Or what other obstacles — inflicted by host, other teams, or selves — will creep up. With that in mind, we asked the new crop of teams before the season began to lay down some bold predictions for what was about to transpire, and they were more than happy to oblige… even if some of them make absolutely no sense. Don't believe us? Then check out said predictions in the video above.

The cast of 'The Amazing Race' season 35
The cast of 'The Amazing Race' season 35

Sonja Flemming/CBS The cast of 'The Amazing Race' season 35

But while you marvel at predictions like "Each team gets a pet that they got to bring along with them," let's also pause for the cause to pay tribute to Malaina Hatcher and Andrea Simpson for predicting that, "I think they're going to add an extra team that previously was on the Race— like just mid leg." We don't know why they would do something like that, but hey, sure, let it rip!

And then there is Robbin Tomich and Chelsea Day, who announce that "I have a feeling you're going to see some showmance." Do they mean between two of the married couples or the engaged pair? Because that does not seem particularly bold. BUT NO! They mean between different teams. And they are judging this by some apparent pregame canoodling. "Yeah, we see some festering already," they reveal. "Two of the teams have been a little flirty."

And who, pray tell, is being flirty? "The team with the bros. We call 'em the Fabi Bros." And who are the Fabi Bros, you may ask? That would seem to be Liam and Yeremi Hykel, who actually are brothers. Still, Robbin and Chelsea think their nickname could use a little work: "I think it's okay. I could do some work. We'll fine tune that, but yeah, a little bit of some showmance going on."

For more bold predictions from the season 35 cast, check out the video above.

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