Watch: 15 skyscrapers demolished all at once in China; jaw-dropping moment caught on camera

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A shocking moment was recently caught on camera when 15 skyscrapers were demolished all at once in China's Kanming city. This city lies in the Yunnan province of China. Even after eight long years, the completion of the projects was not possible, so the demolition of the half-built structure took place.

According to China's Xinhua news, there were about 4.6 tonnes of explosives that were stored at 85,000 different blasting points which were set around the building. The most shocking thing about the destruction was that the whole process took place within just 45 seconds. Within these few seconds, there was nothing left from the 15 concrete buildings.

Take a look at the video here

Currently, the video of the demolition is going viral on social media and it is leaving users stunned about China's unplanned urbanisation projects. Meanwhile, Kunming Daily states that to ensure that the blasting work is full-proof, the city's emergency rescue departments dispatched more than 2,000 support personnel. They also set up eight emergency rescue teams, flood control emergency teams and urban management logistics teams to make the process a success.

Days before the demolition, a detailed plan was put out to execute the explosions. Orders were put out that shops nearby the premises need to be closed and people staying in the neighbouring buildings were evacuated to a safer place. Reports also suggest that authorities had decided to take such a step as these buildings were abandoned for a very long time. Even the basements of these structures were submerged in rainwater which was also making the building weak.

The housing project was initiated in the year 2011 but with time it faced many hurdles over the years. Even after the ownership change, the project witnessed frequent interruptions. Later when the government got involved, the project did not resume until late last year.

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