Wasn’t just Heat struggling in Game 4. ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith’s math skills roasted

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Al Diaz/adiaz@miamiherald.com

The Miami Heat’s starting five struggled in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith pointed it out after the Boston Celtics evened the series up 2-2 with a 20-point victory.

Except, the math Smith used on live TV was off, and NBA fans on Twitter roasted him for it.

Smith’s quick math determined the Heat starters tallying 18 points meant an average of six points per starter. The answer is 3.6 points.

“In the end, five starters combined for 18 points,” Smith told “SportsCenter” anchor John Anderson. “That’s an average of six points per starter. If that ain’t pathetic, I don’t know what is.”

Anderson corrected Smith by saying it was less than that, which led to Smith making it worse.

“Right, it is less than that, you’re right,” Smith said. “Five and a half.”

Here’s a look at the clip and social media reaction:

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