This Washington city is a top Memorial Day destination for travelers, AAA says

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More people are expected to travel this Memorial Day and big cities across the country are hot spots for the upcoming holiday.

Seattle landed the No. 2 spot on AAA’s list of “2022 Top Memorial Day Destinations,” according to a report released May 17.

Other cities including Orlando, Miami and Las Vegas topped the list.

The automotive company predicts 39.2 million people will travel 50 miles from their home this year, which is an 8.3% increase from last year.

But with a rise in travelers, prices are also increasing for some aspects of travel.

People choosing to fly will see the lowest average airfare cost them 6% more than it did in 2021 for an average of $184 per ticket. Saturday is the most expensive day to fly and Monday is the cheapest, according to AAA.

On the other hand, daily car rental prices decreased 16% from last year with an average of $100 per day.

“Mid-range hotels” had a 42% increase, AAA says, with rates ranging from $199 to $257 a night.

“Based on our projections, summer travel isn’t just heating up, it will be on fire,” senior vice president of AAA Travel Paula Twidale said in a statement. “People are overdue for a vacation and they are looking to catch up on some much-needed R&R in the coming months.”

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Top U.S. destination cities, according to AAA:

  1. Orlando, Florida

  2. Seattle

  3. Miami

  4. Las Vegas

  5. Anaheim, California

  6. New York

  7. Denver

  8. Anchorage, Alaska

  9. Boston

  10. Honolulu

Top international destinations, per AAA:

  1. Vancouver, Canada

  2. Dublin, Ireland

  3. Paris, France

  4. Rome, Italy

  5. London, England

  6. Cancun, Mexico

  7. Amsterdam, Netherlands

  8. Barcelona, Spain

  9. Nassau, Bahamas

  10. Calgary, Canada

AAA works with DK Shifflet to determine the travel behavior of people in the U.S. by contacting “over 50,000 U.S. households each month to obtain detailed travel data, resulting in the unique ability to estimate visitor volume and spending, identify trends, and forecast U.S. travel behavior,” according to the company.

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