Wash Bourbon With Duck Fat For A Flavorful 2-Ingredient Drink

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If you appreciate the velvety or smoky notes a straight-up sip of bourbon can offer, wait until you fat-wash the drink. Though it may sound like an unusual technique, fat-washing spirits can build smoother textures to the sweetest bourbon bottles and enhance the nutty, buttery flavors found in your favorite bourbon brands. A silkier mouthfeel can result in a drink that might disappear more quickly than you had intended, and with punchier tasting notes ironed out, the other flavors of your drink can step forward.

Fat-washing has been done since the early 2000s, yet you don't need to be a professional mixologist or experienced bartender to replicate the recipe at home. Because fat-washing spirits will take some time, however, you'll want to allow at least a full day to infuse, freeze, and strain the combination. Your efforts will result in a mouth-watering drink that can be enjoyed on the rocks or used to make cocktails.

While vegetarians can fat-wash spirits in brown butter, those with carnivorous palates can reach for duck fat. To fat-wash bourbon, shake softened duck fat with your chosen spirit, let the combination rest, and place the infusion into the freezer before you sleep. The next day, you'll find a congealed layer of fat on top of your booze. Fish this fatty puck out of the jar or poke holes into the surface so that you can strain the fat-washed alcohol before storing it for use (or taking a swig on the spot).

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Ask your local butcher for duck fat or save fat from your duck-centric recipes. Don't be concerned if you see charred pieces in the fat, as any debris won't end up in your tumbler. As you melt the fat to prepare the ingredient, remember that duck fat melts at lower temperatures and won't require much time over the heat before it can be whisked.

Since you'll be storing the boozy infusion in the freezer, choose a container that can tolerate temperature swings. The longer you let the bourbon infuse, the more the spirit will adopt a gamey flavor. Adjust rations accordingly, starting with one part fat to 10 parts alcohol. Once you become acquainted with the process and resulting flavors, you can tinker with measurements for taste.

Fat-washed drinks can be savored as is, or you can use the enhanced bourbon to make a classic Sazerac or an old fashioned cocktail. Enjoy the fruits of your fat-washing labor on the rocks or consider whipping up a Manhattan or smoked duck julep to serve at your next dinner party. If you have vegan drinkers to accommodate, consider washing separate batches with coconut fat, peanut butter, or truffle oil so that no revelry-seeking guest is left out of the party. When bottled and kept in the fridge, your fat-washed bourbon can be stored for several weeks for you to enjoy without needing to infuse another bottle.

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