The Warriors had plenty of postgame fun after crushing the Rockets

Jack Baer
Yahoo Sports Contributor

Even with a Game 7 against the Rockets on the horizon, the Warriors couldn’t seem to stop smiling as they spoke with the media after their 115-86 win over the Rockets in the Western Conference finals.

Every Warrior seemed to go on his own adventure, ranging from gifts to reminders of key facts about the rest of the series. Here are the highlights.

The Warriors’ postgame comedy after big win in Game 6

Steph Curry overcame a slow shooting start to eventually burst out with 29 points and a game-best 32-minus rating. He also showed his value by stopping Kevin Durant from making a haunting mistake during the two’s postgame press conference.

Klay Thompson led the Warriors in scoring with 35 points while shooting 9-of-14 from 3-point range. He was rewarded after the game with hardhat from Chinese media, which he was apparently happy to receive.

As for Durant, watching Thompson go off on the Rockets likely carried a reminder of an unfortunate game from his pre-Warriors days, namely Game 6 of the 2016 Western Conference finals when Thompson dropped 41 points on Durants’ Thunder. He was not thrilled when the comparison came up.

Meanwhile, Draymond Green came up short in the scoring department with only four points, but still managed to chip in with 10 rebounds, nine assists and his standard defense. After the game, Green joked about his reputation with fouling with a man who once stated he wanted to punch Green in the face.

If you’re looking for a player with an unsung performance, Nick Young came up big in the defense department against James Harden. He credited his improvement to… a dream about Dennis Rodman. Yeah, things got pretty weird.

The Warriors play in Game 7 against the likely Chris Paul-less Rockets on Monday, and you can only imagine what they’re going to do if they win that one.

The Warriors had their fun with the Rockets, then had their fun with the media after Game 6. (AP Photo)

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