'Warhunt' sneak peek: 'That's a court martial offense'

See Mickey Rourke in an exclusive clip from his latest film.

Video Transcript

- Agent Johnson, what a surprise. I was told you were running operations from a chateau outside of Rheims.

- Yeah, well, I guess I got a little tired of eating frog legs and foie gras.


Well, I just hope you didn't make the drive in vain, sir.

- You know, Sergeant, a conductor needs to just jump into the orchestra pit for some time, you know, from time to time [INAUDIBLE].


Yeah, but this ain't no opera and these ain't no violins. They just happen to make sweet music of their own.

- Come on [INAUDIBLE]. Pick it up a little.

- Yeah, well, I think it's time I introduce you to someone. Walsh is an old pupil of mine from back in Texas. He's also quite literally the only man for the job.

- I got 12 men already and, you know, 13 ain't a lucky number.


You know, that plane went down behind enemy lines and it was carrying sensitive material and Walsh is going to be riding with you to retrieve it.

- My team doesn't need outside help recovering cargo, sir.

- Disobeying orders, that's a court martial offense.

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