‘If We Want to Stay Healthy, We Have to Save the Environment’

Tridip K Mandal
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On the occasion of Republic Day, The Quint relaunches its campaign ‘Letter to India – Ek Naya Start’ and invites readers to send in suggestions for rebuilding India after a tough 2020.

Dia Mirza (Actor | Producer | UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador & United Nations Secretary-General Advocate for Sustainable Development Goals) shares how India can start afresh after the COVID-19 pandemic. The views expressed are her own. The Quint neither endorses, nor is responsible for them.

My Dear India,

With all my heart, I hope and pray that in 2021, each and every one of us will rediscover our relationship with nature, form a strong bond with nature, find a way to live more sustainably, and bring environmental consciousness into our daily actions, our lifestyles and our habits. Because if there has been one lesson that 2020 taught us through the grief, loss, displacement and pain, is this: Health and Environment are completely interlinked. If we hope to be happy and healthy, and hope for progress and peace, we have to ensure we restore the balance of the natural world.

Human beings, unfortunately, have been irresponsible. We have caused immense devastation, destruction and imbalance of the natural world. And it is upon us—you and me, as individuals, as a country, as a humanity, to restore that balance. And I believe, every one of us can (do that).

Choose a sustainable lifestyle. Make a difference. Save resources. Save water. Save electricity. Find natural alternatives to plastics. Avoid using single use plastics. Make that difference. Go that distance. Because we can. And together, we must! Not just for the sake of our future, but for the sake of our present.

Thank you!

Yours, Dia Mirza

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'Letter to India' - The Quint's Republic Day Campaign.
'Letter to India' - The Quint's Republic Day Campaign.

Just like Dia Mirza, you can also suggest how to rebuild India in 2021.

So, send in your ‘Letter to India’. It's time to make ‘Ek Naya Start’.

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