Want to work for the state of Missouri? These 7 available jobs pay up to $176,000

Interested in working for the Show-Me State?

The state government of Missouri is hiring for hundreds of jobs in departments ranging from economic development to administration to the state House of Representatives.

We combed through the available listings and pulled out seven of the highest-paying positions in the state. These include jobs in the medical, legal or IT fields, with many based in Jefferson City but others located elsewhere in the state or with an option to go remote.

Here’s a closer look at these engaging positions.

Director of Business Opportunities

Pay: $110,000 - $130,000 per year

Description: Based in the state’s Department of Economic Development, this leadership role involves coordinating more than 14 financial programs that award grants, tax credits and other financial incentives to business and development projects around Missouri.

Location: Jefferson City

Legal Counsel

Pay: $96,651 per year

Description: While there are 11 legal counsel roles currently hiring throughout the state government, this position within the state judiciary is the highest paid among them. It involves legal research, writing reports and reviewing and interpreting new laws that impact the court system.

Location: Jefferson City

App Development Supervisor

Pay: $93,600 - $96,720 per year

Description: This role within the state’s House of Representatives leads the application development team within the information systems department. The job involves managing large projects, formulating schedules and overseeing software development. An advanced computer science degree and five years of app development experience are required.

Location: Jefferson City

Enterprise Project Management Office Deputy Director

Pay: $90,000 - $99,000 per year

Description: This IT-focused job involves helping to run the Enterprise Project Management Office, or EPMO, which does software upgrades, makes improvements to the state’s technology system and implements new tech products. The deputy director also represents the office to the public and the media.

Location: Jefferson City with an option to go remote after a training period

Physician at Fulton State Hospital

Pay: $176,604 per year

Description: This role within the state’s Department of Mental Health involves providing primary care for long-term patients at a state psychiatric hospital with a total patient population of around 425 people. A medical degree is required, and post-residency experience is preferred.

Location: Fulton, Missouri

Part-Time IT Analyst

Pay: $38.46 per hour

Description: Looking for a high-paying job without the full-time commitment? This part-time hourly IT role in the state auditor’s department involves building web applications and doing software development at an intermediate level.

Location: Jefferson City

Chief Public Health Informatics and Data Strategy Officer

Pay: $125,000 - $195,000 per year

Description: This technology role is based within the state’s Department of Health and Senior Services and involves improving the collection, recording and analysis of statewide public health data. It requires both public health and information systems experience as well as a Master’s degree in public health, information technology or a related field.

Location: Jefferson City or remote

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