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love is blind season 4 instagrams
The Love Is Blind s4 contestants' Insta handlesNetflix

Netflix's Love Is Blind season four is finally dropping on our screens in just a few days. The 10-part dating show follows the same format as the previous three seasons: participants go on blind dates in purpose built pods, in the hope of forming an emotional connection on a deeper level. If one of the contestants proposes and the other one says yes, they head on holiday, and attempt to make their relationship work in real life.

If, like us, you just can't get enough of the show and the contestants, we've compiled all their Instagram handles into one handy place for your pleasure.

Kwame Appiah

His Instagram handle is: @ayokwam

Kwame's Instagram shows a love of photography and travel.

Kacia Clark

Her Instagram handle is: @kacia.marie

Kacia's Instagram is very aesthetic with fun outfit pictures and selfies.


His Instagram handle is: @billliards

Bill's Instagram is full of pictures from nights out with friends.

Chelsea Griffin

Her Instagram handle is: @the.chelsesagriffin

Chelsea's Instagram is full of selfies and pictures with friends.

Conner Fremmerlid

His Instagram handle is: @jcfremmerlid

Conner and Bill have an Instagram in the exact same location, coincidence? Probably not šŸ‘€.

Kendra Patrick

Her Instagram handle is: @kennpatrick

Kendra's Instagram features lots of shots with friends and family.

Marshall Glaze

His Instagram handle: @marshallglaze

Marshall's Instagram includes a video of the short film he created.

Amber Wilder

Her Instagram handle is: @a.wilder4

Flight attendant Amber's Instagram shows off her love of travel.

Jack Bonner

His Instagram handle is: @jackbonner25

Jack's Instagram mainly features friends and family pictures, as well as this great wine shot.

Wendi Kong

Her Instagram handle is: @wendi.kong

Wendi doesn't have a lot of pictures on her Instagram but she does have this cute one with a dog.

Chris Clemens

His Instagram handle is: @christo4clemens

Chris has loads of photos on his Instagram, mainly of them featuring his travels around the world.

Molly McGrew

Her Instagram handle is: @thatmolls

Molly's Instagram is full of pictures of her dog Pippa. So cute!

Juan Johnson

His Instagram handle is: @johnsonj20

Juan's Instagram mainly features outfit pictures.

Tiffany Pennywell

Her Instagram handle is: @tcpenny

Tiffany's Instagram is full of pictures from trips around the world.

Zack Goytowski

His Instagram handle is: @zackgoytowski

Zack's Instagram features photos of the many sports he appears to be into.

Irina Solomonova

Her Instagram handle is: @irina_solo

Irina's Instagram is very aesthetic and shares links to her event planning brand Solo Collective.

Joshua Schultz

His Instagram handle is: @jp_schultz

Joshua's Instagram features lots of friends and family pictures, and the occasional picture with his Love Is Blind cast members.

Monica Rodriguez

Her Instagram handle is: @monica_not_lewinsky__

Yes that really is Monica's Instagram handle.

Quincy Sutton

His Instagram handle is: @qrush_sutton

Quincy's Instagram is full of beaming smile selfies and promotion for his online fitness coaching business.

Bliss Poureetezadi

Her Instagram handle is:@blisspoureetezadi

Bliss' Instagram features lots of fun outfit photos.

Jimmy Forde

His Instagram handle is: @jpforde13

Jimmy's Instagram features plenty of travel pictures including one shot of him skydiving.

Brandi Bowman

Her Instagram handle is: @brandiebowman_

Brandi's Instagram features lots of pictures of her son.

Josh Demas

His Instagram handle is: @jdemas

Josh's Instagram has lots of pictures of him in glamorous locations.

Jackelina Bond

Her Instagram handle is: @jackelinabonds

Jackelina's Instagram has lots of stunning selfies.

Ryland Longoni

His Instagram handle is: @rylandlongoni

Ryland's Instagram has lots of pictures with his friends.

Micah Lussier

Her Instagram handle is: @micah.lussier

Micah's Instagram is full of aesthetic shots from travels across the world.

Brett Brown

His Instagram handle is: @the.brettbrown

Brett is a photographer so naturally his Instagram is full of photos.

April King

Her Instagram handle is: @aprlking

April's Instagram features lots of pictures with friends.

Paul Peden

His Instagram handle is: @paulpeden

From the looks of his Instagram Paul appears to be a big fan of the outdoors.

Ava Van Jenson

Her Instagram handle is: @avavanjenson

Ava's Instagram has a lot of pictures with friends and family.

Love Is Blind season four will be available on Netflix from 24th March.

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