What's The Most Interesting Coincidence Or "Small World" Moment You've Ever Experienced?

We're all guilty of saying it: "Wow, small world!" You might utter the phrase after bumping into someone from back home while traveling on vacation, or you might say it upon learning your new coworker's mom was actually your kindergarten teacher.

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Little coincidences happen all the time and we often take them for granted. Well, what about the giant coincidences? The ones that make you question if we're living in a simulation?

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Maybe your mind was absolutely blown when you moved into a new apartment in a big city and bumped into your new neighbor, who happened to be your childhood neighbor and best friend, whom you hadn't seen or spoken to since you were 10 years old.

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Perhaps you were on a first date with someone new to town, and after chatting for a couple hours, you realized you both went to the same music festival a couple summers back. You showed your date some photos you took at the festival, and they gasped, grabbed your phone, and zoomed in on someone in the background of your photo. It was your date, standing with a group of friends, having a good time.

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Artur Debat / Getty Images

Or, maybe you were running through an airport miles away from home while trying to make a connection when you physically ran into your favorite college professor, who was also rushing to make a connecting flight.

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What's the most interesting coincidence or "small world" moment you've ever experienced? Tell us in the comments or submit anonymously to this form for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.