I Want to Dive Right Into Saweetie's Swimming Pool Nails

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Saweetie's new nails have me in a summer state of mind. The rapper's latest set conjures up visions of bright aqua blue swimming pools and I want to dive right into those aquatic shades.

Saweetie gave us a glimpse at her new manicure via Instagram Stories and Reels, showing off her signature long stiletto nails while taking selfies and dancing to her latest single “Richtivities” in front of a swimming pool. Did she match the manicure to the water intentionally, or was it just a happy coincidence? Either way, I'm obsessed with the color palette: vibrant shades of aqua, a bit brighter than robin's egg or Tiffany blue, plus spring greens, white, and baby blue. The color is most saturated on one of her thumbs, while other fingers are mix of sea green, turquoise, and white. Several fingers are covered in 3D droplets that look like precious ocean jewels, while others are a more muted tone reminiscent of faded sea glass vibe. If “hanging out at the pool while it's sunny and 75 degrees” was a manicure, it would probably look a lot like this.

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saweetie swimming pool nails


Seriously, don't you feel so much happier after seeing these nails? I definitely do, especially on one of those dreary, gray March days. (The best part of the video, however, is when she fangirls over the Cheesecake Factory joining her Instagram Live. I would do the same thing.) Plus, as she says in the song, she's a water sign (a Cancer), so this mani was basically made for her. She paired the nails with long, straight hair and shiny lip gloss.

Saweetie is always changing up her look, and she's had some major beauty moments over the past few weeks, like the combination of massive silver hair and sapphire blue eye shadow she wore to the Mugler show during Paris Fashion Week. In this case, feeling blue is a very, very good thing.

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