Walmart Is Lowering Prices Back to Pre-Inflation Levels

Eggs, apples, and deli snacks will now cost significantly less.



Walmart is changing up a bunch of things for the better, like its nationwide rollout of Uncle Sharkii poke bars, which the Arkansas-based big box store hopes to complete within the next several months, and its recently executed stock split — the first since 1999.

But its latest announcement is likely to gain more nods of approval than any of the aforementioned initiatives. In a February 20 earnings call, Walmart president and CEO Doug McMillon implied that prices were going to go down and said: “In food, prices are lower than a year ago in places like eggs, apples, and deli snacks, but higher in other places like asparagus and blackberries. Dry grocery and consumables categories, like paper goods and cleaning supplies, are up mid-single digits versus last year and high teens versus two years ago. Private brand penetration is up in many of the countries where we operate, including the United States.”

The statement reiterates what McMillon put forth in November of last year, stating that the big box chain could be entering a “deflationary environment” — “We may see dry grocery and consumables start to deflate in the coming weeks and months,” McMillion said.

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Considering that food prices have increased by 25% since the beginning of the pandemic, per the Federal Reserve Economic Data, this is all welcome news — and is certainly worth some rejoicing.

And that’s not all.

Walmart released a statement today announcing that it’s lowering the prices of its popular Easter meal. “With customers still feeling the burden of high food costs, Walmart is lowering the cost of a curated Easter meal, available for purchase at a price even lower than last year,” the statement said. “Customers will be delighted to discover that the meal features all the Easter mainstays, from ham and sweet potatoes to all the ingredients for deviled eggs, to apple pie and more. Best of all, the meal can serve up to 10 people and is available for an average price of less than $8 per person.”

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Even its Easter baskets — replete with “candy, fun accessories, and paper grass” — will enjoy a steep discount at less than $20 each.

“We have made sure that our customers can not only get their entire meal at a great price at Walmart,” said Julie Barber, executive vice president of general merchandise. “We’re also offering amazing prices on the seasonal extras that really add to the holiday celebrations and memory-making.”

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