'The Walking Dead' recap: Beloved character makes ultimate sacrifice

The Walking Dead was all about Ezekiel, as the king emerged from his human shield only to find his beloved friends turned into to walkers.

Last episode ended with Ezekiel and his platoon being wiped out by the Saviors' .50 caliber machine gun. Thanks to his knights' bravery, Ezekiel only suffered an injury to his lower leg.

Unfortunately almost everyone else died, and thus became walkers. To make matters worse, Ezekiel soon found himself prisoner of one of the Saviors.

Luckily, Jerry showed up and with a swing of his axe, he freed the king to fight alongside him as the walkers swarmed. And they were both fortunate when Carol rescued them from the mob of dead.

As the the three tried to flee the walkers, they stumbled on an even worse type of walker, the kind that are mutated by toxic waste. Frustrated with the predicament, Ezekiel decided to give up.

But in the midst of his breakdown, a familiar face appeared. It was Shiva.

Shiva viciously attacked the toxic walkers. At first it seemed as though the day had been saved, but soon Ezekiel's worst fears were realized. Shiva was overwhelmed by the walkers and was killed.

But her sacrifice provided Ezekiel, and the others, to escape and safely return to the Kingdom.