Walkies Proves a Very Up and Down Experience for Narcoleptic Puppy

A Tennessee family has been sharing footage of their narcoleptic dog Ruach, who collapses into a snooze any time things get too exciting. It certainly makes for interesting walkies, as seen in this video from some recent outings.

The Doberman puppy can be seen wagging his tail as he enjoys a walk with pet siblings Oscoe and Biscuit, but the fun is frequently interrupted by narcoleptic episodes. Ruach is soon bouncing back to his feet each time though.

Ruach’s owner, Misty Ford, told Storyful they noticed the rescue pup was “very sleepy” when he was around 12 weeks old. They also noticed him swaying and passing out periodically. Ruach was eventually diagnosed with narcoleptic disorder.

The rare condition affects some breeds, such as Dobermans, more than others. Credit: Misty Ford via Storyful

Video Transcript

- Oh, poor sleeps. Taking a snoozer.

- Good boy.

- Oop! You're good.


- What's that?

- Hey!



- He's drunk. Oh, we're asleep. You're good. You're OK. Take a break. Take a nap. Crazy. Ben. Ooh, we're back. You're going down.


- Oh no.

- Oh Come here.



- He has narcolepsy.

- Oh.

- Yeah. It really does. It's the craziest thing. Sorry, Rosco.

- Come on.

- You got it. Nope, you don't got it.

- Oh no. You all right? [INAUDIBLE] Come on. Come on. Wake up.

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