WALDO Launches Doctor Partnership Program in the United States

The Program is the next step in WALDO’s mission to make high quality eyecare accessible, relatable and reflective of modern day lives and lifestyles

NEW YORK, November 30, 2021--(BUSINESS WIRE)--WALDO, the innovative eyecare brand championing positive vision for all, is pleased to announce the launch of their doctor partnership program in the United States. WALDO is the first direct-to-consumer online contact lens company to offer doctors the ability to keep patients and revenues when lenses are purchased from this channel. The goal is to help doctors capture the half of patients who leave exams and purchase contact lenses elsewhere, and provide these patients with a high quality daily contact lens that eyecare professionals can feel good about. With their flexible subscription plans and innovative digital platform, WALDO patients stay compliant and up-to-date on their prescriptions. Doctors are involved every step of the way, fitting the lens in-office, reviewing prescription orders placed by their patients and earning revenue for all transactions, whether initiated in their office or online.

"When we launched WALDO, we had a clear vision: disrupt the eyecare industry and create the go-to, trusted eyecare brand for wearers and Optometrists," said Ashleigh Hinde, WALDO Founder and CEO. "Now, we’re beginning to focus our efforts on partnering with US-based doctors who are aligned with our belief that good eye health starts with the doctors, and we look forward to using our platform to spearhead change, and inspire and spread positivity."

WALDO initially launched in 2017 as a direct-to-consumer brand with a mission to provide the highest quality daily contact lenses to its customers without the price tag and hassle, and through a human centric customer experience. By offering affordable, flexible subscription plans that work seamlessly around the patient’s lifestyles, the subscription process is designed for the long-term - meaning a lifetime lens option for the wearers, and the doctors. The brand has grown by nearly 500% to become a global e-commerce brand and now the team will refocus on another founding goal: to incorporate eyecare professionals.

"WALDO is going to be a formative and game changing partner for many Optometrists and practice owners in the U.S.," added Solomon Gould, OD, MBA, Scene Eye Care. "WALDO's platform offers many benefits. Its subscription model appeases the increasing consumer demand for subscription model based care, making it convenient for the patients. The partnered Doctors of Optometry retain the rightful reimbursement for the contact lens sales, regardless of whether the lenses are purchased at the office or online. Lastly, WALDO's products are of exemplary quality. In addition to the impeccable quality of their contact lenses, WALDO is continuously innovating and developing new ideas and concepts for their contact lens portfolio."

WALDO’s two main goals in this effort match those of most optometric business owners today: keep patients healthy and grow sales. Consumer guidance recommends patients visit their eyecare professionals annually and keep their contact lens subscriptions current, and WALDO’s network partners are financially rewarded for fitting WALDO’s flagship lens, Hydra Boost Daily, and earn ongoing revenue for subscription purchases.

By joining WALDO’s network, doctors will also be connected with local patients who need eye exams and will benefit from various advertising campaigns and marketing initiatives the brand funds throughout the year, resulting in new, engaged patients. Interested eyecare providers should reach out to sales@hiwaldo.com for B2B inquiries. For more information about WALDO, please visit hiwaldo.com.


WALDO is an innovative and accessible eyecare brand that champions positive vision for all through high quality products and service. Founded by Ashleigh Hinde in 2017, WALDO is leading the movement in making eyecare an essential part of everyday life. Challenging industry perceptions by removing alienating jargon, and investing in product innovation and services that are always centered around the customer.

Since launch, WALDO lenses have been worn by over 200,000 customers and the company has expanded its eyecare product range and services to reach the EU and USA. Through innovative products, an insightful and thoughtful business philosophy and courage to push boundaries - WALDO strives to lead industry evolution.

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