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The nominees for Best Death Scene

It’s time for the Yahooies, our third annual reader-voted awards honoring the best — and sometimes worst — of the year. Each day through Dec. 8, we will announce the nominees for one category, with an accompanying poll. The winners will be crowned Monday, Dec. 11.

SPOILER ALERT! The nominees for 2017’s Best Death Scene are…

Photo: Netflix

Bob (Sean Astin), Stranger Things
On the outside, Joyce’s new boyfriend was a steady, well-meaning, ordinary Bob who liked gadgets. On the inside, he was a courageous hero who would do anything to protect Joyce and her sons — including taking on the dangerous mission of turning on Hawkins Lab’s power to save them all. He succeeded, but ended up being the sacrificial lamb beset by a horde of demo-dogs. This revenge of the nerd was bittersweet. —Kelly Woo

Photo: HBO

Littlefinger, Game of Thrones
The shrewd schemer, the master manipulator, the calculating conspirator who aspired to climb the ladder all the way to the Iron Throne instead found himself on his knees, begging for his life. His own plot to turn Sansa and Arya against each other backfired spectacularly, as the two sisters (with an assist from Bran) ganged up on him instead. Sansa dealt the sentence, while Arya executed the order. Chaos is a ladder — and it goes all the way down into the grave. —KW

Photo: HBO

Perry, Big Little Lies
Quick: How many Audrey Hepburns does it take to kill Elvis Presley? According to the hit HBO event series, the answer to that particular brainteaser is five. Perry‘s murder caps off the most eventful trivia night Otter Bay Elementary School has ever hosted, with a pride of mothers banding together to keep one of their own safe from her predatory husband. Unlike actual cats, when Perry falls, he doesn’t land on his feet. —Ethan Alter

Photo: Universal

Rose (Allison Williams), Get Out
Sure, we might’ve liked to see her choke on a Fruit Loop. But after the grisly series of vengeful deaths Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) serves the Armitage family in Jordan Peele’s widely celebrated sleeper hit, it’s only right that Rose’s be the most unforgiving. While her father (Bradley Whitford), mother (Catherine Keener), and brother (Caleb Landry Jones) are disposed of in brutal, relatively quick fashion, the body-recruiting Rose is left to bleed out on the road once Chris’s trusty pal from the TSA (LilRel Howery) arrives and swoops him away from the scene of the crimes. —Kevin Polowy

Photo: Marvel Studios

Yondu (Michael Rooker), Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Only the good die Yondu. Rooker’s mohawked, blue-hued Ravager is the Severus Snape of Marvel’s space odyssey: We never really get a handle on whether he’s good or bad until he transitions to the great hereafter. In Yondu’s case, he proved the ultimate protector — and true daddy — to Chris Pratt’s cocky Star-Lord, and paid the ultimate price (we’re talking Bruce Willis, Armageddon style) to save his adopted heir’s life. Just don’t tell Rooker he’s dead. —KP

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