Von Miller is doing everything he can to let Kirk Cousins know he's wanted in Denver

We’re a month away from NFL free agency opening, and that means we’re likely one month away from Kirk Cousins joining a new team and cashing in.

And Denver Broncos’ star Von Miller is doing whatever he can to not-so-subtly know he’d love to see Cousins in Broncos orange.

After Miller made his pitch to Cousins during Super Bowl week, he’s kept it up through a not-creepy bit of social media stalking.

Over the weekend, Cousins posted a photo to Instagram of two boxes of cereal, writing, “I was raised on these two cereals. ‘Bout time they were brought back into our home.”

Denver linebacker Von Miller is using social media to recruit quarterback Kirk Cousins to the Broncos. (AP)

Among the dozens of responses was one from Miller: “Raised eating both. Breakfast lunch and dinner lol”. Cousins saw the comment from the pass-rusher and replied, “nothing but the best.”

Cousins posted another photo on Instagram, with a tagged that it was taken in Grand Cayman, of a rainbow extending into the turquoise sea. “Love a good rainbow,” Cousins wrote in his caption.

Which led to this:

Someone noted that Miller likely loves rainbows too, and Miller wrote, “You’re absolutely right! If Kirk loves rainbows, I LOVE RAINBOWS!”

We get it – the Broncos, who won the Super Bowl just two years ago, had their first losing season since 2010, and the quarterback trio of Trevor Siemian, Brock Osweiler and Paxton Lynch don’t exactly inspire thoughts of another championship for Broncos fans.

So if Denver’s best player can humorously make it known that they’d love to have Cousins in the same uniform as him, why not do it?