'The Voice' coaches celebrate their teams being finalized

The Blind Auditions are officially over on The Voice as all four coaches finally filled out their teams. Adam Levine completed his with 22-year-old country singer Jackie Verna, which he was only able to do because Blake Shelton had finished up his crew with 17-year-old Dallas Caroline, who won him over with some classic Willie Nelson. Alicia Keys was the first to finalize with 24-year-old Sharane Calister, who picked her over Kelly Clarkson — a painfully common occurrence for Kelly. The pop star was hesitant to turn for Sharane once Alicia had turned, but she took a chance anyway. "It took me forever just because I am weary from getting, just, not picked when this girl turns her chair," Kelly said pointing to Alicia.

It wasn't all bad for Kelly, though. With the other coaches out of the running, she was able to snag 35-year-old Amber Sauer. After Amber's performance of Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You," Kelly said, "I am so happy that no one could turn their chair." And while Alicia seemed to be the coach who won the Blind Auditions, Kelly was pretty excited about her final team member. "I'm so happy I got Amber," Kelly said. "I was really waiting for somebody to just blow me away. Ain't nobody doing riffs like that, up in the rafters like her."