Vividly colorful Texas house for sale delights…but scary things are scattered about

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Screen grab from Zillow

A house that appears to be an artist’s dream residence has landed on the real estate market in Lubbock, Texas, for $399,000.

But fair warning — it might not be for everyone.

The five-bedroom, four-bathroom house is neatly surrounded by looming emerald trees, which fit the aesthetic of both the inside and outside of the home. While color seeps into parts of the exterior (teal trims, Caribbean blues on the pavement), it’s the inside that will really blow you away in the most colorful way humanly possible.

“‘Each room is a unique experience where all your senses are simultaneously soothed and awakened,” the listing on describes. “This home is artfully designed, accentuating its natural beauty. You’ll find inspirational murals and one-of-a-kind art the owner has commissioned from numerous artists.”

Features of the 4,135-square-foot estate include:

  • “Tranquil outdoor space”

  • Full kitchen

  • Hardwood floors

  • Fireplaces

“The home is now lovingly named the Gypsy Heart - a truly unique AirBnB and perfect place for a memorable stay,” the listing notes.

The house caught the attention of Friday Night Zillow, a Twitter segment run by Bloomberg reporter Steven Dennis, and fans were intrigued.

“Up next: An eclectic, amazing, retina-smashing artist’s home at a shocking low price: Just $399K in Lubbock, Texas. If you zoom in, you’ll see a skeleton and other scary things,” Dennis tweeted.

Some agreed with Dennis’ assessment of the home.

I would not change one room. It’s gorgeous,” one person gushed.

While others questioned some of the stereotypical “scary” things scattered about, like fully clothed skeletons.

I hope there are no children residing in this haunted house. Frightening,” someone tweeted.

The house is currently under contract, according to the listing.

Lubbock is about 120 miles north of Midland.

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