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Welcome to February, Virgo. Did you know that the tarot card associated with your sign is the Hermit? While you often defy the stereotype that you just want to hang at home with your pet and your poems, this month asks you to give in to cliché and make rest a priority. However, your January horoscope reminded you how good it feels to talk to others. So let's get one thing straight: Despite this month's continued theme of self-care, don't neglect your relationships — even if you're taking it easy and watching TV together rather than shooting tequila.

You do tend to be a perfectionist. There are stellar things about this trait; just look at Beyoncé, the Virgo to end all Virgos. However, one thing you could always work more on is clearly communicating your needs and boundaries. There were a few of you reading the previous paragraph about staying in and immediately worried that people would forget about you if you turned down party invitations. After all, this month is Valentine's Day; even if you loathe the heart-filled holiday or aren't dating at all, it's always a good excuse to get friends together. But when your ruling planet, messenger Mercury, moves into fierce Aquarius, an air sign that couldn't care less what other people think, on Sunday, February 4, you're able to calmly and confidently state your needs.

There's a new moon, the lunar phase associated with fresh starts, in your 6th House of Health on Friday, February 9. Remember that in astrology, this house isn't meant to scare you or send you running to the doctor (although it's always a good idea to stay on top of check-ups). Rather, your 6th House reminds you of the importance of wellness routines and how it's okay to lean into vanity and accept that you feel your best when you look your best, whatever that means for you. Celebrate the new moon by experimenting with bold eye makeup or treating yourself to splurge-worthy skin care. The next day, Saturday, February 10, brings the Lunar New Year, which is also the Chinese New Year, marking the Year of the Dragon. Even if you spend this weekend lounging at home, it's okay to want to look and feel luxurious. And it's also okay if, for you, luxury just means a comfy set of pajamas.

When the warrior planet Mars moves into humanitarian Aquarius on Monday, February 12, you'll feel bold and assertive. While, unfortunately, horoscopes can't make any promises about jobs or money (especially not in this economy) this transit provides motivation to use your terrifyingly smart brain to find a way to enjoy more work-life balance. Just a few days later, when lovely Venus, a planet that manages to rule love, money, and beauty, joins Mars in Aquarius on Friday, February 16, you're interested in taking your self-care routine up a notch and treating yourself to something a bit more noticeable than switching up your night cream. You're ready for a different hair color or perhaps a tattoo or cute new piercing.

After so much emphasis on self-care and alone time, by the time the sun enters dreamy Pisces, kicking off Pisces season on Sunday, February 18, you're craving companionship. The next few weeks bring a deepening to the most important relationship in your life right now, that person you're utterly obsessed with (we have a feeling you know who we're talking about). The Pisces season vibes are so lovely that when the sky lights up with a full moon in your sign on Saturday, February 24, you totally forget that, sometimes, these lunations can be times of stress. You're too damn caught up on sleep. The Virgo full moon brings culminations to your life, whether that's finally calling someone your best friend out loud or having multiple orgasms. Enjoy, and we'll see you next month.

Important dates in February 2024:

Sunday, February 4: Mercury enters Aquarius
Friday, February 9: New moon in Aquarius
Saturday, February 10: Lunar New Year
Monday, February 12: Mars enters Aquarius
Friday, February 16: Venus enters Aquarius
Sunday, February 18: Sun enters Pisces
Thursday, February 22: Mercury enters Pisces
Saturday, February 24: Full moon in Virgo

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