Virgin River’s Alexandra Breckenridge teases details of Mel and Jack’s wedding

alexandra breckenridge, virgin river, season 5
Virgin River's Alexandra Breckenridge on weddingNetflix

Virgin River star Alexandra Breckenridge has opened up about her on-screen wedding to Martin Henderson's Jack in a future season of the hit TV show.

Breckenridge's Mel and Jack have been engaged since the end of season four, but season five didn't depict their wedding as many expected it to.

Instead, Mel discovered her estranged biological father. among other plotlines, while the wedding story has been saved for a future date. However, many fans have been wondering what the wedding will be like – and Breckenridge has been doing the same thing, in an interview with TV Line.

alexandra breckenridge, virgin river, season 5

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"I was just talking to our showrunner about this potential wedding," Breckenridge said. The actress married musician Casey Hooper in 2015 and believes that her own wedding could "look very similar to what you would think Mel’s wedding would look like."

Specifically, Breckenridge and Hooper married at Colorado's Dunton Hot Springs, a mining town now repurposed as a deluxe venue. Breckenridge, however, explained that she wants Mel and Jack's wedding "to go in the opposite direction" to her own nuptials.

But the actress has come to terms with the fact that both weddings could indeed "end up looking very similar."

alexandra breckenbridge, martin henderson, virgin river season 5

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Season five of Virgin River concluded after 12 episodes, while season six of the show will be 10 episodes long. Production on that series doesn't start until well into 2024, so Breckenridge clarified that she doesn't actually know any details about the potential wedding.

In fact, Breckenridge mused that she doesn't even know if the wedding will take place in season six at all. However, she said that it's safe for fans to assume that "they’re going to get married on their property... at the new house on the farm."

Virgin River seasons 1-5 are streaming now on Netflix.

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