Viral video explains ‘sunshine guilt’—and why it’s SO relatable


This time of year, it really feels like we need to cherish every nugget of sunshine and warm weather we get blessed with. As we claw ourselves out of another long, cold winter and begin to beat back our seasonal depression, one 60-degree day at a time, no short-sleeve occasion can be wasted. That is, unless you’re tired. Or your book is really good. Or Netflix just dropped the next batch of Love Is Blind episodes. And then, when you have a really good reason to stay inside even though it’s gorgeous out, how do you deal with the conflicting emotions that eat you alive about it all day long?

My friends, welcome to “sunshine guilt.” A viral TikTok just gave name to this springtime phenomenon that we’ve all felt for all our lives, and I can’t believe we’ve been silently suffering from this malady without talking about it for so long.

TikToker Renee Reina posted the video, where she told her viewers, “I am experiencing sunshine guilt right now. It is an abnormally beautiful day outside, but I’m tired.”

She continued, “So now I feel this pressure to go outside and go for a walk and enjoy the weather while it lasts. I can’t enjoy myself indoors now, because the whole time, I’m thinking that I should be outside. So basically, my day is ruined.”

In the comments section, folks sounded off about how 100% relatable this is.

“yep. the sun is harassing me, calling me a lazy pos.


the sun is a villain today,” one person wrote.

Another added, “This is how I feel every day in summer. Once fall mercifully hits, I can go back to actually relaxing.”

And this relatable comment: “Lowkey this is why I hate daylight saving time. I want to be a little bear in my cave who doesn’t feel like she has to go outside lol.”

Anyway, thank goodness someone finally gave this feeling a name and spoke openly about it so we can at least know we’re not alone. Far from it, in fact, because it appears that everyone feels this way. Now excuse me while I spend this bright and sunny day wrapped in my Snuggie on the couch because it is still chilly out and I am delicate.