This viral TikTok video wants to know: How often do you call your mom?

young mom with baby talking on phone
Jacob Lund/Shutterstock

Thanks to a viral TikTok video, the platform is now home to some interesting discourse on this question: How often do you call your mom? For some people, it’s just a few times a week (or even less). For others, it’s many times every day. It seems like there’s no “normal” number on how often to talk to your mom as an adult, based on the responses to a viral video posted by Ava Stanley.

“I saw a video of a girl saying that she calls her mom like once or twice a week,” Stanley says in her video, before showing a screenshot of her own call log, which shows tons of back-and-forth calls between her and her own mom. “I called my mom or she called me 11 times yesterday.”

Stanley continues, “And I never really have anything to say either, and like, if she misses my call, and she calls me back, she’s like, ‘Hey, what’s up? Like, why’d you call?’ And I’ll be like, ‘I don’t remember. I just wanted to chit-chat.'”

After Stanley posted her video, it blew up pretty quickly, because it’s one of those topics where everyone can weigh in, and it’s just so interesting to see how everyone is different and people can consider such a wide range of responses to be totally normal based on how they grew up and what their family relationships are like.

“When my mom doesn’t answer on the first try i’m like WHAT COULD SHE POSSIBLY BE DOING,” one viewer joked in the comments.

Another wrote, “No literally i am bothering her constantly.”

Yet another added, “I call my mom every day on my way home from work and if she can’t talk I literally don’t know what to do with myself.”

But there are also plenty of people on the other end of the spectrum, who talk to their parents much more rarely, and consider that to be the more normal type of relationship.

“This is crazy to me. I go a couple months without calling my parents sometimes,” one person wrote.

One TikToker who stitched Stanley’s video asked, incredulously, “What are you talking to your parents about so much?”

How often do you call your mom? Head to the comments and weigh in. You know, for science.