Viral TikTok Claims Gen Z Is Coming for Your Eye Shadow: It's an 'Old Lady Thing'

Makeup artist Erica Taylor demonstrates how to modernize your glam

<p>erica taylor/Tiktok</p> TikToker showing millennial makeup vs. Gen Z makeup

erica taylor/Tiktok

TikToker showing millennial makeup vs. Gen Z makeup

Friends. Gen Z is knocking at the door with more beauty advice (and coming for your makeup routine).

That's right, apparently eye shadow is an "old lady thing," according to a TikTok that user Jennifer Latch shared at the end of February. She said her daughter told her that it's a "Gen X and millennial" thing to wear it.

In the words of Ariana Grande: Yes, and?

Her comments were a mixed bag, with people of all ages weighing in — as to be expected. With opinions, everyone's got one, and everyone thinks theirs is right. But her video sparked a reply from makeup artist Erica Taylor, who understands the struggle of millennials who are constantly beaten down by the criticisms of the youths and who just want to be cool (but also want to not care).

Taylor stitched Latch's video with a tutorial on how to youthify and Gen Z-ify your eye makeup so that you can go out in public and not get laughed at. (She didn't say that — we're just here to help you.)

<p>erica taylor/Tiktok</p> Erica Taylor showing millennial makeup

erica taylor/Tiktok

Erica Taylor showing millennial makeup

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On one eye, she demonstrated the quintessential millennial eye makeup: the harsh dark eyeliner, the light eyeshadow above it, the smudged darker shadow above that and the highlight at your brow bone. The pièce de résistance? The v-shape that the shadow comes to on the side of your eye. If you're a millennial, you know exactly what I'm talking about without even looking at a picture. You probably have it on your eyes right now. (It's okay, we can work through this together!)

Taylor then shows her other eye, which has a more modern, softer eye makeup look that she says is beloved by the younger set. She calls it "the lift."

"Over the river and through the hood," she says of the look.

She uses a rose gold shadow across the whole lid and uses a bronze liner for an overall softer appearance. She notes that this is especially forgiving if you have a hooded eye or texture beside your eye (hello, millennials!) because you can smudge it out.

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<p>erica taylor/Tiktok</p> Erica Taylor showing millennial makeup vs. Gen Z makeup

erica taylor/Tiktok

Erica Taylor showing millennial makeup vs. Gen Z makeup

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Much like the original TikTok, the comments were mixed, because if there's one thing about millennials, they're stuck in their ways. While some were receptive to the modern eye shadow look, plenty of them maintained that they were going to do their eye shadow however they pleased. (We support you.)

One thing Taylor mentioned in the comments that she liked so much about it — which most people should be able to appreciate — is how much "easier" it is than the original look. It's quick and only two products.

They've come for our jeans, our hair, our makeup, even our socks — what will it be next? We're tired, but we're ready.

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